Rules - Section 1

I. Basic Rules

1. No Swearing.

a. The following swears are allowed: Damn, Shit, Hell, Ass, as long as they are not directed to anyone.

2. No copyright material.

3. No controversial or offensive topics such as R*pe or Ebola, unless they are taken seriously.

4. No bullying.

5. No revert wars. For example, if you make a change to a page, then someone reverts it, don't start going back and forth. Tell an admin and they will decide if the edit was relevant.

6. No breaking rules. This will lead to 3 kicks then a day ban.

II. Admin Rules.

1. No kickfests.

2. Make sure all admins agree to a kick/ban.

3. With great power comes great responsibility.

4. Break up heated debates.

5. Don't be a dictator in chat. Be strict but fair.

III. Chat Rules

1. All EAAW rules apply in chat.

2. No abusing bots. Bots are people too.

3. No spamming.

4. In case of a dead chat, try to revive it with a game or interesting topic.

Section 2


Types of Admin

1.official: went through the Voting process (or been promoted before it was implemented).

2.unofficial: if a user is promoted to admin cause a bureaucrat wanted/needed them to perform a task that the bureaucrat couldn't do himself/herself. manager: a user, that the founder trusts to run the wiki while he's away.

Voting Process

We use a system similar to that of several other wikis including ESB, Users will express their vote with either Support, Neutral , or Oppose along with a short sentance explaining their choice. In order for a request to pass, 75% of all votes must be support

August 2015 Update

  • Absolutely no fishing for edits.
  • Elegibility has gotten higher(in terms of edits and duration on the wiki)

To be eligible for a promotion, you must match the following criteri!  :

  • Rollback---- 20 edits, one month on the wiki.
  • Chat Moderator---- 50 edits, one month on the wiki.
  • Moderator---- 100 edits, two months on the wiki.
  • Administrator---- 250 edits, three months on the wiki.
  • Bureaucrat---- 350 edits, one year on the wiki.

Those who already hold one of these positions will keep their position.

Extended Chat Rules

  • IF two users on the chat are engaged in an amorous relationship (aka dating), whether they know each other in real life or not, they must keep all romantic texts in a private message.
  • If someone is disturbing chat, they will be kicked 3 times, then a week ban.
  • Do not harass other chat patrons.